Through positive, uplifting athletic instruction, 4-Life, Inc. aspires to encourage children in their athletic endeavors and promote confidence, leadership and character that will last through adolescence and adulthood.

This is what 4Life is all about. Our wonderful kids that make our camps so much fun!

We strive to create such impact by offering intensive, yet individualized instruction in small, intimate settings that foster comfortable learning. We are committed to providing quality instructors who lead by example.

We measure our success and the success of our students, not only by the development of athletic skill, but by the cultivation and manifestation of confidence and integrity. We have no greater joy than that within the hope of bettering the lives of youth who will grow into productive leaders and contributors to society.


Rocky Coyle in the prime of his career playing professional baseball.

4Life began twenty years ago when I began my professional baseball career. Wherever I played, I saw faces of the youth of our nation and how so many were hurting. I heard the cries of a generation who longed to be loved and to feel a sense of purpose and self-worth. I realized that as a professional athlete, God had blessed me with a platform that could reach the youth.

I believe that with sports as a teaching tool we can influence the way in which youth function within our society. Our goal at 4-Life is to equip our youth with the requisite tools that will empower them to become functional, positive, emotionally and spiritually balanced adults for their entire life. I encourage you contact us if you feel the same way and would like to help our beautiful cause.

Rocky Coyle
Director of 4Life Inc.